Project Values

The AAA Chain project provides a secure, trusted, and sustainable data exchange model with real-time transaction settlement and inexpensive fee structure.

The AAA Chain project is dedicated to delivering the world’s largest open data marketplace on blockchain.

Massive data is what powers the Internet of the future. Our goal is to provide a community-owned, secure and trusted data trading platform by leveraging a wide diversity of application data.

In partnership with Easemob Technologies, one of the largest hosted Instant Messaging platforms used by over 50 million daily active users across 1 billion devices and more than 180,000 apps, we will make this goal a reality.

Core Tenets for Data Suppliers

These tenets drive our development and project evangelism efforts among the data suppliers within the App Alliance.

Secure data hosting and storage with asymmetric encryption prevents unauthorized access. This mechanism prevents data leak or man-in-the-middle attacks.
App Alliance membership and increased usage ensure that the data stays up-to-date and provide a sustainable model for recurring multi-dimensional data supply.
Point-to-point (P2P) network means no central controlling authority manages the trading platform. Data transactions are trustless, fair, and transparent.

Open Data Marketplace for Data Buyers

Fair, trusted and transparent data exchange.

Multidimensional data is enhanced through cross-linking app usage and behavior. Captured data is updated to the chain in real-time through SDKs integrated into apps.
Decentralized data marketplace + distributed storage APIs means no single node has complete access to data and ensures data transactions are trusted.
Data is encrypted via asymmetric encryption and then stored to a decentralized storage/database. Data integrity is protected from theft or unauthorized resale.

User Privacy, Identity, and Incentives

Protecting users is our most important value.

Users who participate in the project or use apps from the app alliance will always have the ability to revoke/block data gathering.
User data can be shared across applications to provide improved user experience (SSO) and enhanced personalization.
Users are incentivized to participate in the App Alliance ecosystem through earning AAA tokens.

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