How it works

Bringing the power of decentralization and blockchain to the big data marketplace.

Capture, Record, and Classify Virtual User Data

SDKs capture and record virtual user data such as device ID, data type, data description, and behavior.

The AAA Chain project defines a Unified Multidimensional Data Classification Structure (UMDCS), based on demographics, app usage, and buying patterns.

API for managing and handling data trading, transmission, and data quality feedback.

User Privacy, Control, Verification, & Authenticity

Individual data privacy (PII) is preserved and protected through a unified digital identity.

Data is written to the blockchain and protected as an encrypted and immutable dataset.

Users retain control over data access/sharing permissions.

Data is verified via cross-application matching.

Secure and Trusted Data Exchange

Decentralized data marketplace is managed by the community.

Encrypted user data resides on a distributed database. Data index, description & taxonomy is captured on the AAA Chain.

Buyers & sellers have fair and transparent pricing.

Authenticity is verified by built-in trust and consensus.

Multidimensional Data Platform
to level the playing field

Traditional cloud-based big data platforms are managed by monolithic entities with absolute authority and control. These organizations are not subject to oversight or audit. Buyers and sellers participating in these cloud-based systems have no transparency or direct access and end users have no means to block or revoke personal data.

AAA Chain data marketplace enables P2P data transactions directly between buyers and sellers through smart contracts, fair pricing, and verified data quality scoring.

Download the AAA Chain project white paper to learn more

Decentralized data marketplace based on blockchain technology, smart contracts, and consensus mechanism.